Back to the Street - 1986 - Star Song

Back to The Street was the first album with John Schlitt at lead vocals. It somewhat has less synthesizer like in "Beat the System", and probably very little synth Guitar. From time to time, you can hear the return of the synth bass you can see Mark Kelly using on CITAS. As a transitional album, you can see a clear different even from Beat the System into a clearly arena rock sound, with some elements of the new wave predecessor. You can hear the tone of the guitar sounding more edgy, and the riffs adjust accordingly. "You Are I Am", "Whole World", and "Another Crossroad" feature amazing guitar (and vocal) performances. The Guitar riff in the bridge in "Alter Ego" blew me away!  Thankful Heart should have been an easy hit if it wasn't already. "Shakin' the House" was nearly perfect, save for the lack of guitar, due to John's best vocal performance on the album. "Run for Cover" is the only song that seems a bit awkard. "Fool's Gold" is an amazing mid-tempo song with great lyrics and acoustic guitar.

1. Back To The Street

2. You Are I Am

3. Shakin The House

4. King's Ransom

5. Whole World

6. Another Crossroad

7. Run For Cover

8. Fools Gold

9. Alter Ego

10. Thankful Heart



John Schlitt: Lead Vocals

Bob Hartman: Guitars

John Lawry: Keyboards

Mark Kelly: Bass

Louie Weaver: Drums