Come and Join Us - 1977 - Myrrh

Peta's sophomore album "Come and Join Us" picks up where they left off from their first album. Also, joining Bob and Greg on vocals is ex E-band vocalist Greg Volz. He joins them on "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" (an Argent cover) and "Woman Don't You Know". Clearly, he can sing better than Bob (and better than Greg in my opinion)! I personally think it fails to live up to their self-titled album with songs such as "Holy Ghost Power" and "Ask Him". They are ok musically. There are only 7 original songs if you take out the "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" and the reprise at the end. The best song on this album is definitely "Come and Join Us". I feel this is Bob's best performance as a singer. "Woman Don't You Know" downright rocks and Greg's vocals are absolutely fantastic. It could have done without the psychedelic drum solo, but otherwise a standout song. "Sally" is fun but the lyrics are definitely cheesy. "Without You I would Surely Die" and "Where can I go?" are great rockers as well.




1. God Gave Rock and Roll to You

2. Ask Him In

3. Sally

4. Without You I Would Surely Die

5. Come and Join Us

6. Where Can I Go

7. Holy Ghost Power

8. Woman Don't You Know

9. God Gave Rock and Roll to You (reprise)


Petra was:

Bob Hartman: Guitars, Vocals

Greg Hough: Guitars, Vocals

Mike Degroff: Bass

Bill Glover: Drums

Greg X. Volz: Vocals on "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" and "Woman Don't You Know?"