Petra - Farewell - 2005



Wow. What a way to go out. I was more impressed that I originally thought I would be. Of course, we all know that when this album was recorded, John and Bob were 56 years old! They were getting up there, and with age, you can hear it in John's voice. This is why it is imperative that the band sounds good. And boy do they ever. Bob's guitar playing is AS GOOD as ever. I was very impressed with his live performance. Greg was also noticeable on bass and he sounded good. But I think one of the most pleasant surprises was the drummer Paul. My goodness, that guy can play! I loved hearing his playing throughout the live album. It really added to the performance. Very unique. I think part of it was his use of double bass at certain parts that made it sound awesome. As for John, he doesn't do to bad considering. There were only a few parts I think he could have done better. But it's a live performance and it's not meant to be perfect. But it sounded close! My favorite cuts from this CD are definitely Dance, Amazing Grace (awesome ending!), the Rock Medley (with MINE FIELD!), the Acoustic Medley (with Greg Volz!), and of course Bob's awesome solo at the end. A few disappointments I have with it are the shortened keyboard solo by John Lawry, the short appearance by Greg Volz, and a few vocal mishaps on one of my favorite Petra songs of all time "He Came, He Saw, He Conquered". Otherwise this CD is DEFINITELY worth buying. You will not be disappointed. Greg Volz sounds better than John at his age on the songs he sings on. Grave Robber is incredible. The acoustic medley is extra special because of the use of cello and acoustic guitar... it gives it such an awesome vibe.
1. All About Who You Know
2. Dance
3. Amazing Grace
4. Test of Time
5. Creed
6. Right Place
7. Rock Medley
>Sight Unseen
>It Is Finished
>Think Twice
>I Am On The Rock
>Midnight Oil
>Mine Field
>This Means War
>It Is Finished (Reprise)

8. Jekyll & Hyde
9. Acoustic Medley (featuring Greg X. Volz)
>Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
>Road to Zion
>More Power To Ya
>For Annie
>No Doubt
>The Coloring Song

10. Grave Robber (featuring Greg X. Volz)
11. John Lawry's Solo
12. Beyond Belief
13. Bob Hartman's Solo
14. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered