God Fixation - 1998 - Word

This introduces Petra to the next (third to them) generation with a modern pop/rock sound. The only song that would qualify as hard rock here is "A Matter of Time". Overall, this album is pretty good, despite their new direction musically. All songs have either electric or acoustic guitars, but there is less distortion and the songs are certainly mellower. But for all you Petra fans that like the old Petra, you will definitely like "A Matter of Time", "God Fixation", "Ser For Life", and "St. Augustine's Pears" for sure. New Petra fans should like this album, and also Petra fans that like Bob's lyrics, you will definitely like "Invitation". The only song i didn't particularly find moving was "Over the Horizon".




1. If I Had to Die For Someone

2. Hello Again

3. Matter of Time

4. Falling Up

5. Over the Horizon

6. God Fixation

7. Set For Life

8. Magnet of the World

9. Shadow of a Doubt

10. St. Augustine's Pears

11. The Invitation


Petra Was:

John Schlitt: Lead Vocals

Pete Orta: Lead Guitars

Kevin Brandow: Keyboards/Rhythm Guitars

Lonnie Chapin: Bass

Louie Weaver: Drums