Never Say Die - 1981 - Star Song

This is the first album with Greg X. Volz as the full-time lead vocalist and Rob Frasier was no longer with Petra. Petra brings back a more rock-focused sound, although a bit more polished and better produced. This is a fantastic classic rock album. The album starts off slow with "The Coloring Song", which was actually originally an E-Band song (Greg X Volz's previous band). It's a decent song with great lyrics. I don't care for it too much musically but I can't dismiss that it's probably one of Petra's most popular songs, ever. Then comes the classic "Chameleon", which shows that Petra can still rock! Great guitar intro and awesome lyrics. "Angel of Light" is a fantastic epic rocker with a killer guitar solo. "Killing my Old Man" was actually written originally for "Come and Join Us", but the title of the song was too controversial for the previous record company. Star Song would have no problem with it because it's just one more track they could put on a bunch of compilation albums (can you tell I love them so?). "Never Say Die" is a fantastic and uplifting mid-paced rock song. "Praise Ye the Lord" was written by Greg, and it downright rocks! It's a classic masterpiece in my opinion. Of course, Bob Hartman kills it with an epic solo as well. "For Annie" is a beautiful (sounding) ballad with very sad lyrics.




1. The Coloring Song

2. Chameleon

3. Angel Of Light

4. Killing My Old Man

5. Without Him We Can Do Nothing

6. Never Say Die

7. I Can Be Friends With You

8. For Annie

9. Father Of Lights

10. Praise Ye The Lord


Petra was:

Greg X. Volz: Vocals

Bob Hartman: Guitars

John Slick: Keyboards

Mark Kelly: Bass

Keith Edwards: Drums