Not Of this World - 1983 - Star Song

This Album has been called The sequel to "More Power To Ya". "Not Of This World" and "More Power to Ya" are the only two albums that sound so alike out of Petra's entire catalog. Like the previous album, this also went down as a Petra classic. Visions/Doxology made a good beginning and ending. My humble opinion though is that this album wasn't quite as rockin' as More Power To Ya, but you can see glimpses of where Petra was heading musically with the keyboards/synthesizers and some of the guitar tones. "Not of This World" is an eerie acoustic classic. "Bema Seat" is probably the best rock number on the record with an absolutely killer solo. "Grave Robber", like the title track, is another acoustic classic that would be requested at many a show due to the amazing lyrics about the Lord stealing us away in that final day. "Blinded Eyes" featured that aforementioned keyboard/synthesizer sound that Petra would use more often in later albums. "Not by Sight" seemed out of place, but was a good rock song that could have done better on Never Say Die. "Lift Him Up" was a rock song with some nice keyboard action. "Pied Piper" bring back the good riffs and solos and of course the obligatory thoughtful lyrics. :)  "Occupy" tones it down just a bit and throws in some of that smooth sounding synth. "Godpleaser" brings back the acoustic guitar and pleases the ear the end with the awesome reprise of Visions/Doxology (whatever that means).




1. Visions/Doxology

2. Not Of This World

3. Bema Seat

4. Grave Robber

5. Blinded Eyes

6. Not By Sight

7. Lift Him Up

8. Pied Piper

9. Occupy

10. Godpleaser

11. Visions/Doxology (reprise)


Petra was:

Greg X. Volz: Vocals

Bob Hartman: Guitars

John Slick: Keyboards

Mark Kelly: Bass

Keith Edwards: Drums, Louie Weaver: Drums on tour


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