On Fire! - 1988 - Star Song

Petra turns up the heat here to make one real rocker. The lyrics in each song work real well with every song on the album. The name "On Fire!" suits this album really well, as it seems Petra really wants to see God work through their music. Songs like "All Fired Up", "Hit You Where You Live" and "Mine Field" is the best start to any of Petra's albums. This album the arguably Petra's hardest rockin' album, next to Jekyll and Hyde. A new bassist Ronny Cates joins and he adds some much needed powerful bottom end. The bass is awesome on the song "Open Book". Overall, this is one of Petra's best. GREAT WORK!!! Some say this is Petra's best lineup of all time.




1. All Fired Up

2. Hit You Where You Live

3. Minefield

4. First Love

5. Defector

6. Council of the Holy

7. Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name

8. Open Book

9. Stand in the Gap

10. Homeless Few


Petra Was:

John Schlitt: Vocals

Bob Hartman: Guitars

John Lawry: Keyboards

Ronny Cates: Bass

Louie Weaver: Drums