PETRA - 1974 - Myrrh

This was Petra's very first album. I honestly didn't even know this (or Come and Join Us) existed. In fact, I thought Petra's first album was Washes Whiter Than, probably because it was their first record on Star Song and their millions of Petra compilation albums didn't include any songs from the first two albums (LOL!). Anyways, this album is fantastic. I didn't realize Christians were allowed to rock so much back in '74! This album includes some of Bob's best guitar work on any Petra album. The music is so well written and executed flawlessly. They really paid attention to detail, quality, and perfection. It's very musical and the solos are amazing. The drums and bass are also top notch. My favorite song is "Gonna Fly Away", which has a fantastic bridge and solo."Get Back to the Bible" and "Storm Comin'" are awesome rockers. "Lucas McGraw" is downright hilarious and catchy. The only weak song, in my opinion, is "Backsliding Blues".




1. Wake Up

2. Get Back to The Bible

3. Gonna Fly Away

4. Storm Comin'

5. Parting Thought

6. Walkin' In the Light

7. Mountains and the Valleys

8. Lucas McGraw

9. Backslidin' Blues

10. I'm Not Ashamed


Petra was:

Bob Hartman: Guitars, Vocals

Greg Hough: Guitars, Vocals

Mike Degroff: Bass

Bill Glover: Drums


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