This Means War! - 1987 - Star Song

Here you can tell that now Petra getting into that popular 80's arena rock sound. The first 3 songs on the album "This Means War!", "He Came, He Saw, He Conquered", and "Get on Your Knees and Fight like a Man" are really good and they rock pretty good too. I personally think John Schlitt's voice sounds the best EVER on "This Means War!"... it just totally in-your-face rocks with piercing lyrics. They really put you into PUMPED mode and you just want to sing along with it! This album also features some funky synthesizer on "I am Available". The last two songs on remind you of how good they will get in the next album. This album is borderline hard rock. But this album is one of my favorite albums because of how awesome the tunes and John's voice went together. The producer's did a great job making this album. If you love 80's arena rock, you'll get some more of that deja-vu stuff I was talking about. WHAT A GREAT ALBUM, BUY ASAP if you don't already have it.




1. This Means War

2. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

3. Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a Man

4. I am Available

5. Kenaniah

6. You Are My Rock

7. The Water Is Alive

8. Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened

9. Dead Reckoning

10. All The Kings Horses



John Schlitt: Lead Vocals

John Lawry: Keyboards

Bob Hartman: Guitars

Mark Kelly: Bass

Louie Weaver: Drums


=^=v= ROCK METER =^=v=