UNSEEN POWER - 1991 - Word

This was Petra's last "Arena Rock" sounding album. Well done, the lyrics speak to you in songs like "Destiny", "I Need to hear from You", and "In the Likeness of You". This album was a little less heavy than Beyond Belief and you can tell from here on that they start to mellow out a bit. Ironically, the guitar sounds like it was downtuned a bit, so technically this is Petra's "hardest" album. You will still like this album, its like a 7.5 on the rock meter. "Hand on my Heart" has a different kind of style than what you are used to hearing, but it is still Petra. You'll love the driving rock songs on here; and you will especially LOVE the video they made for this... Bob Hartman rocking it out on SIGHT UNSEEN. Oh, and check out "Hey World"... what a way to explain how bad abortion really is! Overall a complete work of art. Of all the rock styles Petra has done so far, this is my best. My only beef is that I think there should have been 2 more songs, and a few more guitar solos. Other than that, this is high quality borderline metal stuff here.




1. Destiny

2. Lord's Side

3. Ready, Willing, and Able

4. Hand on my Heart

5. I Need to Hear from You

6. Dance

7. Secret Weapon

8. Sight Unseen

9. Hey World!

10. In the Likeness of You



John Schlitt: Lead Vocals

Bob Hartman: Lead Guitars

John Lawry: Keyboards

Ronny Cates: Bass

Louie Weaver: Drums


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