Wake-up Call - 1993 - Word

Petra tries a different style of rock here--- kinda bluesy/southern fried with acoustic guitar and a harmonica, but in all this album still sounds like Petra. "Midnight Oil" and "Good News" both have the same rockin' sound and they have NICE bridges! "Underneath the Blood" really rocks and it features some "talk boxes" and some nice guitars and bass. Also, one of the best songs Petra has ever done, "Believer Indeed" is a definite hit. I think this album is great, although it's not real hard rock like Beyond Belief or Unseen Power. The only song I don't think works is "Just Reach Out", but it did end up being on of Petra's classics.



1. Midnight Oil

2. Good News

3. Strong Convictions

4. He's Been in My Shoes

5. Praying Man

6. Underneath the Blood

7. Sleeping Giant

8. Believer in Deed

9. Marks of the Cross

10. Just Reach Out



John Schlitt: Lead Vocals

Bob Hartman: Guitars

John Lawry: Keyboards

Ronny Cates: Bass

Louie Weaver: Drums


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