Washes Whiter Than - 1979 - Star Song

Petra went through a lot of changes for this album. Gone are the hard rockin' guitars and pounding drums. Big lineup changes, record company change, and completely different musically is the "new and improved" Petra. This is not to say that this is a bad record--in fact, there are a bunch of great songs on here. The best song is definitely "Yahweh Love". It's not a rock song by any means, but it has a fantastic melody and lyrics, and a decent guitar solo as well. Greg X. Volz joins full-time as one of two lead singers with Rob Frazier, who leads a few songs as well. Rob was only with Petra for this album. Unfortunately, "Magic Words" and "Couldn't Find Love Without You" are left off the Washes Whiter Than/Never Say Die double-album produced by no other than the fantastic Star Song Records (can't you feel the sarcasm seeping from the pores of the HTML code?!). Fortunately, you can find these songs on YouTube. They have that great vinyl sound because that's the only place you can get it now. Speaking of "Magic Words", it's definitely the best rocker on the album. Fantastic melody and singing by Rob Frazier and the guitar solo is killer. "I'm Thankful" and "Morning Star" are fantastic songs. You can really hear Bob Hartman honing his songwriting skills. "Taste and See" is a fun 50's sounding song. "Why Should the Father Bother" is popular with many Petra fans although I'm not a big fan of it. "Deep Love" is Petra's first good ballad.




1. I'm Thankful

2. Why Should the Father Bother

3. Morning Star

4. Magic Mirror

5. Mary's Song

6. Yahweh Love

7. Couldn't Find Love Without You

8. Taste and See

9. Magic Words

10. Deep Love


Petra was:

Rob Frasier: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Bob Hartman: Guitars

Greg X. Volz: Vocals