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-BY Jay Cavallaro, 1/24/2001

SO, YOU THINK IT'S OVER WITH PETRA, do you? Well I rounded up some stuff from the Internet and the Petra Zone to see what's up and what the fans think. I think it's rather interesting and it's worth your look.

First, Sue D. started a discussion at

Discussion name: "Gotta get typing! I have the interview tapes!"

She told everyone that it came out better than she thought: 

"They really turned out BETTER than what I had thought." 

She then was telling everyone when it should be done: 

"Anyways, as soon as I scarf up a copy of MSWord ... I will begin typing the whole thing up!".

She also said that John Schlitt really had a testimony and she even suggested that you could tell your church about him to come as a guest someday and with this testimony, the church would LOVE to have him there!

"And if any of you are wanting to bring John to your town, or Petra for that matter, but you don't know how to convince your church of the fact - his TESTIMONY will MORE than convince them that THIS MAN has a story to tell -  and Jesus is written all over it."

Soon thereafter, she started getting lots of replies and stuff with happy people and ideas for Petra and everything. Ideas for singles, videos, and other things were suggested by fans like Winterlens, Weezer and SusannahBeth. 

Winterlens: "...I was thinking that you could put this [interview] on a CD and package it with the next album, too -  since it's fan-supported, the costs would be relatively minimal, and the marketing potential is greater." WHAT A GREAT IDEA! She also suggested putting "Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name" on the new album, since it is going to be Petra Praise 3.

SusannahBeth: "....[what would be cool is] If there was a live video clip from the old days of the guys doing "Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name" in concert with all their solos. They could put it as a bonus on the new CD..." That would also be cool! Of course what she was getting at is a data video file on the CD that you could put on your computer and watch it there.

Weezer: "John has just got to make a video! There has been no Petra video in 5 years, [actually, 6 now since it's 2001] and a new one is long overdue." So true.

Yet while all these fans are wallowing in their cool and awesome idea's, Sue comes back with some rather heart breaking news:

Sue: "Guys, I hate to break the news to you, but at this point there IS no Petra record in the works, much less a vid, an enhanced CD or a maxi-single." [1/19/01 1:26pm]


Sue: "There is relatively no interest in the CCM community in Petra at this point. The label that WAS interested, InPop, has not come to any agreement with Petra, and nothing is happening on that front. The entire situation is stalled."

So there you have it. Back to square one, which has been square on since late 1999 before Double Take came out! Well, here is what she wrote next:

Sue: "The decisions as far as Petra goes - the recording end of Petra - is not his [John] to make. It's Bob's. And so far Bob has not made any decisions. So a new record, label, etc. etc. is not up to John. It's up to Bob."

Well, that's not fresh off the press. I heard that way back in 1999 (and to think that was 2 years ago!). But I think it's about time to think, well, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? Well, we cannot forget that Petra is in God's hands, but it still makes you wonder! Sue did remind us to keep supporting Petra and try to get more concerts going in different churches. And that gives me an idea. I may just ask my church if they will help. Then Winterlens came back with this reply:

Winterlens: "And if it's Petra's time to go, so be it. God's used them for nearly thirty years, and he night want to let them rest for a while. Frankly I think they deserve a break."

Yes, maybe a short break, say, a vacation, but not end, right? Well this is what Sue responded with:

Sue: "...I wouldn't say I'm worried...IT IS in God's hands, no doubt. BUT - I am concerned, and my heart aches to think that here is a Grammy-winning, Hall of Fame band and NO ONE WANTS THEM!!!! THAT is what bothers me the most. After all that Petra has done to help CREATE an entire industry, the INDUSTRY does not want them BECAUSE of where most of the industry's focus is: to get that one hit record and make money. John himself alludes to that mentality."

That is another thing that is so true. Petra CREATED them, and they are turning away from them it seems. It's sad. Then Sue said this:

Sue: " [Winterlens] stated, quote: 'And if it's Petra's time to go, so be it. God's used them for nearly thirty years, and he night want to let them rest for a while. Frankly I think they deserve a break.' No - not "so be it". Not like this - like an old discarded dog, who used to be a champion in his day, but who has outlived his usefulness and now no one wants him anymore. [my emphasis] EVEN DOGS DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT THAN WHAT PETRA'S GETTING."

If there is anyone who could be more on the money than Sue right there, I'll pay you some serious cash! WOW! But PETRA is a group, or dog for that matter, that NEVER runs out of tricks! This is God's mission, the spreading of the good news here which NEVER grows old! Next, to make her post even more interesting, she said:

Sue: "If they must end, then let it be with a BANG that makes a loud wake-up call to the entire industry." THAT'S THE SPIRIT, SUE!!! YES! THAT IS WHAT PETRA NEEDS TO BE!

The replies were just about how other bands have lost popularity and interest for a short while and then came back later, like "Bon Jovi".  ICHTHUS came on to say that she doesn't like "washed down and watered down stuff" like some groups seem to be these days. And a group like Petra, who does not have "washed down and watered down" lyrics, are being ignored by a CHRISTIAN Industry! The "wake-up call" Sue spoke of is surely needed! ICHTHUS finished the discussion off (so far) with his:

ICHTHUS: "Ministries ever more so need out prayer support. They are the forefront of the firing lines. So let's keep lifting PETRA up and pray that Bob will always continue to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as he has in the past and that Bob will SEE that God wants him to see!"

Yes! That is what we need to pray for! And we must pray for Petra more than anything still! Well, this concludes my little article and I hope... um, PRAY things become better for Petra very soon.


P.S. 1/26/2001 -  Interview now out. Some questions answered. Click here for thoughts/additional info.