2010 News!

Classic Petra!

Petra is reunited in with their classic early-mid 80's lineup of Greg X. Volz, Bob Hartman, John Lawry, Mark Kelly, and Louie Weaver! This is some incredible news, as many people never thought Petra would ever reunite again, nevermind in this formation. The best part is, they are doing a world tour spanning at up to 44 dates in several countries around the world! If that was not enough, they are also going to be recording at least one new record with re-recorded classic songs and a few new songs as well. From what I've read, there may be more than one album released, but this is to be determined.

For more information, please visit http://www.classicpetra.com!

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005:

It has just been reported that Petra will be released one more album! Praise the Lord! :) It will be a CD/DVD live album and will also feature some previous band members including Greg X Volz and John Lawry, and possibly some other surprises! It will be recorded at one of their farewell tour shows. This will be their first live album in 20 years!!! I'll keep you posted on more details! It will be called Petra- Farewell and will be released November 22, 2005. I will be seeing Petra this Saturday (September 24, 2005). There will be a full review and pictures I get back from my 6th and final Petra concert!

FALL 2005:

Petra is now on their last world tour! Go here for tour dates!!!


IT IS FINISHED. 33 years of great Christian rock and they just recently confirmed (via PRMW and May 12 at petraband.com) that they are going to be retiring this year after a U.S. and European Tour. Unfortunately, there will not be a new studio album. Jekyll and Hyde will be the last studio album for Petra. There is slim chance that there may be a live album this year and that's it. I will put all the other updates on here as they come. GOD BLESS PETRA FOR THEIR 33 YEARS OF AWESOME MINISTRY! I will NEVER forget how their music has impacted my life. They were my first band and I saw them live 5 times, and really influenced my taste in music and really encouraged me in my faith.




Yes sir folks! Petra's newest album finally has a title: JEKYLL AND HYDE! It seems after all the bad news of Louie, Bryce (yes, now BRYCE) and Q leaving, what good could happen? Well so far, we've acquired a new drummer, Justin Johnson (although, Peter Furler did the drums for the studio album) , we got Bob Hartman playing guitars in the studio full time and tour full time, and now we have a new rock album on the way! On June 2, which is one week from today, the song will be available for download!!! It's supposed to be ROCK, as we've heard by some lucky listeners at the Petra zone. Well, stay tuned! I'm going to host the song here too.


Word has released 2 new compilation albums. MY GOODNESS! They are "Still means War" (war and battle themed songs) and "The Power of Praise" (I can't seem to find this right now, I think they took it off the site because they had to change the name. It probably looked to much like Power Praise!). Um, remember Star Song........? LOL!

Petra doesn't have a keyboardist at this time. I'll keep you posted on this.


My sources assure me that Louie Weaver has in FACT left Petra. You can go to Petra's new website (that is soon to be opened for business) http://www.petraband.com and read the disheartening news.  Well, you heard it here first folks. Louie has left, but Bob Hartman is touring full time now I've been told. My sources on Bob: Sue Dempster and Michael Jones. It's a bittersweet moment. Anyways, more info to come soon--- I still don't know who the new drummer is yet. I've also updated the members page.



In a conversation I had, and other Petra webmasters had with Quinton Gibson, he said he was no longer touring with Petra... and that BOB HARTMAN was now in charge of that. So folks, this could mean that BOB HARTMAN is going to be attending all concerts from this point on until they find another touring guitarist! Quinton Gibson is now in a new band called "Strange Celebrity"... and you can hear some clips of his new band. Click here to check it out!

We will all miss you, Q. I saw them in concert last year and I even have some video of the Night of Joy concert with Bob and Q playing that I hope to convert to avi or mpg for all the world to see! They really rocked. Well, now we just need confirmation that Bob really IS taking over the lead guitar role for studio AND tour. (He already is the lead guitar player for studio and has been full time for 2 years already.)

FEB.25.2003 - 1995 NEVER HAPPENED

    1995 Never happened folks. Petra still means rock, and no matter what they may have sounded like for the past 8 years, forget it even happened. Petra is coming back FULL FORCE this year with a brand new rockin' album. It's been being talked about now for almost 4 years, and finally the dream is coming true.  Petra is going to rock again folks. Forget what you have heard about them, cuz all of it is going down the drain.  The album so far is scheduled for August 12, 2003 and is going to be under Inpop Records like "Revival". Here is a quote from Inpop:

"The band is currently writing for a rock album due late summer. The fans spoke and the band listened. Everyone has been chomping at the bit for loud rock album from the group and they promise to deliver."

Alright! I can't wait.



Ever since we heard that Petra may be teaming up with a new ministry, we have been wondering what the heck that means. Well, yesterday Petra had a big meeting and soon we will be finding out what the new direction for the coming months are going to be.  I will post the results for the meeting here when they are released. As for an update that has been long over due, John Schlitt has a new website that has been open since I posted my last latest news update! It's:


Quick, hurry- write it down, it's a hard one! ;)

EDIT: Petra no longer working with this ministry... instead, they have been considering going indie and possibly releasing the next album, which John Schlitt assures WILL be a "rocker", on the internet only! Pray for Petra for the courage, strength, and grace to accomplish this new endeavor for Christ!


We've got 2 new Petra members!  We've got Quinton Gibson (Seraiah, Whitecross [Flytrap]) on lead guitar and Greg Bailey on bass!  There should be more info on these guys soon.  They have only played on one concert so far (the Wichita concert) and pictures should soon be up at www.petrameansrock.com.  As far as I know, these guys could be just touring members or permanent band members.  I will soon find out, but for now the question remains.  Farewell Kevin and Mike!


The album info is out!!! Lots of great stuff, plus sounds clips at http://www.petrarocksmyworld.com!

For the info, click here!


Alright! Finally! Petra is back! And that is the new tag line for this site.  Revival is the name of the newest "modern worship" that Petra is releasing on a date that is set for November 20, 2001!  Wow! I never thought I'd say that!  Why?  Well I just had a bad dream about Petra less than 1 hour ago that John Schlitt left Petra and that there would be no ROCKER (Revival). Then I woke up and I had this burning sense to GO ONLINE (I know I'm not supposed to, but I just had to) and find out if there was any Petra news for peace of mind.  I logged on to www.thepetrazone.com and I rushed to see.  I had no idea that Petra had signed WITH INPOP!!!  But they had, and also (I think is it the record company?) INFINITY.  This is some great news!!! I can't wait till this album (and John's solo album) comes out! PRAISE GOD!


Props to Tom, John's Producer! I don't know if I'm authorized to tell you this or not, but what the hey. I guess it was gonna get out sooner or later.  While I was listening to the Soul2Soul Interview yesterday, I noticed they gave us the number to Icon.  I said, "Hmm... maybe I should call them and see if they know anything, maybe a song list or something."  So I called and immediately someone picked up...... (THESE ARE NOT EXACT WORDS, BUT CLOSE)

"Hello, Icon Music media Group."

"Hi, this is Jay Cavallaro.  I was wondering if you knew anything about the new John Schlitt album. I'm one of his fans."

"Yes, I'm John's producer."

"Wow, really?"


He was very happy and enthusiastic, I was surprised.

"Cool! I'm not sure if you guys are supposed to tell me or not yet..."

But he continued, "I can. The album is really good.   It's about 80% done, and we have about 3 songs left.  It should be out sometime before August."


"The album is really great, I believe it's gonna be awesome."

"So, what kind of music is it gonna be, like rock?"

"Rock, jazz, ballads, all that good stuff. John Schlitt has written, I think, 4 songs. I'm very excited about this one, let me tell ya.  Have you heard the new song yet? There will be a sampler coming out on Icon's website. Do you know what it is?"

"Yeah, iconmusicmediagroup.com."

"Actually, it's http://icon.mu.  It's for music, it's better that way."

"Cool. Yeah, I heard a sample of it 2 months ago on the internet. I put it on my Petra website, www.petrafied.net. Someone got it from the Soul2Soul interview, have you heard it?"

"Yeah, it was really good."

"So I just put the sampler on my Petra site."

"Hey I think I've been to yours before."

"Oh really?"


"How did you find it?"

"Uh, John Schlitt told me about it."


"Yeah I've been to a few Petra websites."

"Cool! Hey what's your name?"

"My name is Tom."

"Cool, thanks, nice to meet you."

"You too."

"Okay, thanks man I'll talk to ya later."

"You too, bye."



APR.9.2001 - "Over the Horizon: THE ROCKER!"

It looks like John has an ace up his sleeve: good news for Petra!

"Hi Everybody! April is here already! In April I'm scheduled to do a solo date in California and later on in the month Petra will be traveling to Canada. It's a very light month but I praise God for the opportunities He's given us. You may have heard that Lonnie is leaving Petra. It's true. We'll miss him. He's been a blessing to Petra the last 5 years but we wish him well in his new endeavor. Lonnie and his brother have joined Michael Tait's band. It was a dream of Lonnie's to be in a band with his brother. As far as the recording situation with Petra I'm free to say "Get ready for a surprise on the air waves!" Keep your ears open to your Christian radio station. We're excited about this possibility and ask for your continued prayer support. By next month I should have additional information and be more at liberty to share details. All of our families are healthy and doing well. Thanks again for your prayers. Until next month, God bless you all! JOHN"

Looks good!  I hope somebody has a recorder ready to record this if it happens to come up on the radio or internet.  This sounds so great, and we have been waiting for this for so long!  THE ROCKER IS COMING!

FEB.26.2001 "I'm so happy I don't know what to name this section so I just decided to call it 'I'm so happy I don't know what to name this section so...' never mind!!!"

Yeah, John, the front man of the band, is alive and kicking! A Grammy award for Petra, album sales are up, interviews with John Schlitt on the Internet, John's testimony being read by many, his solo album aired on radio and the internet PLUS an hour long interview, the name of the new solo album released along with his first single: "I'm OK", AND (whew) recognition from his former group Head East's' fans!!!! What a year this has been for John and the band! And John wasn't sure why album sales were up. Well, we told him it was LOTS OF PETHEAD PRAYERS THAT PAID OFF! Lots of people were really surprised Double Take won the Grammy Awards. But with lots of faithful service to the Lord, they deserved it for all their hard work! John and the band have really been sticking it out for a LONG TIME, dealing with lots of problems with no support from Word for Double Take and not getting any record companies and record deals. I think this is John's long awaited "gold medal" at the end of the treacherous maze. I know that when John makes it to heaven, HOLY MACKEREL will there be a MANSION waiting for him! His testimony has blessed us all. Along with all the blessings he has gotten from God (and just when he thinks he probably had all God would give 'em), THIS HAPPENS!!! And it is a very good thing!

Well, now to the real news section. Yes, there was an hour long interview along with John's single "I'm OK" on Soul2Soul radio last Saturday and Sunday. Too bad I missed it. I was over my friend Billy's house getting ready to listen to it when all of a sudden I had to leave (my dad came around a little early). I missed it by MINUTES! I told my friend to turn the Internet Radio Station on when I left and record it when John came on. I don't know as of yet if he remembered. I just called the son of a gun 5 times tonight and I think he's already dozed off. It's 11:02 pm now and I gotta be getting to bed soon. But before I go, I know, your probably saying, "HEY MAN! I missed it too! You were not the only one!" Well there is some good news for ya! According to sources at the zone (coincidently Sue D, hehehe), there should an online archive at their website (www.wjie.com) for 4 weeks containing the hour long interview with John Schlitt (never before heard!! ...well, unless you happened to be listening at the right time and there was no STATIC!!) plus his brand new single "I'm OK". I'll keep you posted. For now, I gotta hit the pillows. Peace out...

FEB.21.2001 "Plus 1"

Well, this is ONE BIG PLUS for PETRA! They just won the Grammy Award for best Christian Rock Album of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright! Maybe they will give them that LITTLE BOOST/SPARK or whatever they need to get up!!! Praise God!

In other great news, John Schlitt has released his TESTIMONY part of the Interview with Sue D. Click here for it. Man is it GREAT!

JAN.26.2001 "The Interview is OUT!"

Well, the interview with John Schlitt, done by Sue D from the Petra Zone, as a success. There was some good news and some bad news, but overall it was good. I don't want to spend to much time on the subject of the interview, but I recommend that before you read this, read the actual interview first. This here are just my thoughts and stuff. Well, anyway, so far, from the interview, here are the good things I have discovered:

Of course you know there is the bad news, but guess what, it's all potential or excusable bad news!!!:

I am sure these things can be changed, somehow, some way, someday. I just hope soon. And I hope some good news for Petra comes around realllllly soon.

JAN.22.2001 "HMM..."

It seems that I was wrong about Petra having a record deal and I apologize for the bad info. I'll try not to do that again. The only reason why I put that Petra had the record deal was because John Schlitt does with Icon, and Petra had INPOP in their list as a potential record deal or company, but as of yet do not have of record deal. On the contrary, the band is in the position it was 2 years ago, except there are new members. I am sad to have to report this, but it doesn't mean God is done with Petra, by far. We just need to wait it out and see. But other than the record company/label deal mistake, the rest of the breaking news special section below this is true! So take heart! Keep praying for Petra. Right now, Sue D. from the Petra zone is working on the interview. It should be online in TEXT and AUDIO format soon. I'll keep you updated. 

Here are some good things that should be happening soon:


JAN.5.2000 - "GOD IS WORKIN'"


Just when you think all hope is gone and God has abandoned you to evil, he brings ya right back out from the depths! And that is exactly what God is doing for Petra! Petra went from having NO guitar, bass, or keyboard player, record company or deal to everything but a PERMANENT guitar player (which I think John has already gotten but he has not yet revealed any names). But answers to LOTS of your questions are going to be answered with an interview with John Schlitt done by SUE D. (from the Petra Zone and whose credits are on the Double Take album!). The interview should take place the weekend of January 6/7 2001. Sue D. will be recording it and convert it to an MP3 on the internet for ALL TO HEAR!!! You will be able to listen to it in a "stream or a download"*. 

Just when you think that that is good enough for you, YOU ARE WRONG! There is going to be a LIVE AUDIO CHAT with JOHN SCHLITT and all his PETHEAD FANS (YES YOU HEARD RIGHT AND I AM NOT LYING I SWEAR!!!) sometime in early February!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, in other GREAT KICK-BUTT news, Petra has just recently been nominated for a Grammy (in the Christian Rock Album award section). We will all find out if Petra wins in February. This is UNBELIEVABLE! Stay tuned for the LATEST!!!


Looks like we are on a role! Well, let's cut to the great news:

This is some great news, people!! So stay tuned for more news!

Also, please go to www.ccmchat.com to chat about Petra after January because the ccm.org site is closing down on the 18th.


Praise God for this one! There is still hope for this 29 year old rock band! They're trying to make it 30!!! Just in... I have just found out (from a Petra Digest e-mail) that BOB, JOHN, AND LOUIE are going to the studio to show the long awaited NEW PRODUCERS AND RECORD COMPANY what they've got! It's about time! The new record company is not yet available, BUT as soon as I found out it will be right here. So far, lots of things have changed since AUGUST.

So it looks like Petra is left with 2 members in the band, John and Louie, and the songwriter Bob. So that's like 3 members keeping the band intact. I just hope Louie doesn't decide to leave now! But you know God can make the most wonderful things happen in the darkest times of ANYTHING! So you can't say Petra is gone till God does. Personally, It think Petra will last for about 2 more albums and then MAYBE, just MAYBE fade away. But then of course John is doing some solo albums soon too, he said. So even if PETRA fades away, John is basically the band so he will still be making music. But of course we all know it's the name "PETRA" that makes it all soooo good. Well, keep praying cuz it ain't over yet and if they come over on the positive side, be expecting a ROCKER!!!



Most likely, if that happens, the band is basically GONE.

Not if GOD doesn't say so. LET'S JUST WAIT AND SEE, SHALL WE? 


No, we couldn't predict this one. Yes, unfortunately PETE ORTA (guitars from 1998-2000 on GOD FIXATION and DOUBLE TAKE) has left the band about a week ago from today. The first Petra fan (at the zone) to report this was Eagle, although Sue D. and Thomasina knew earlier. Eagle got an e-mail from KEVIN BRANDOW (guitars and keyboards from 1997-1999 on GOD FIXATION) said that he left to work with Jaci Velasquez. He really needed another job to help him support his family because he wasn't getting enough from the low finances that Petra has. There weren't enough concert dates and the Double Take album wasn't selling hardly at all. Kevin Brandow is going to fill in for the rest of the Petra concert dates (check the TOUR DATES page for dates), which aren't many. Petra is now looking for a new guitarist. We are all praying that this is not the end and that God has still something is store for Petra.


I think this situation stinks. But I know that it was God's will for Pete to work for Jaci. The only think that still boggles my mind is: Why Jaci? I mean, she isn't even ROCK! She's like all ballads to Petra. You rarely hear an electric guitar! Anyway, I hope everything works out ok. But we're all gonna miss Pete, he was an AWESOME guitar player. I hope the next guitar player they get is just as good if not better. Petra needs another Bob Hartman, fast. Because it looks like the band is crashing towards the ground FAST. It's at the point of MAYDAY right now. But that means NOTHING to God, he can get them out of this rut with seconds to spare. John Schlitt said he had a peace about Pete leaving. So I have FAITH that Petra will get the rocker out and everything will be JUST FINE because God is there for them. Well, here are some guitarists that could be good to play for Petra. Doesn't mean they will, but I would love them to though...

BRAIN WOOTEN - was AWESOME with Whiteheart


BILLY SMILEY - was AWESOME with Whiteheart too

MICHAEL SWEET - awesome solo artist also played with STRYPER

TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!! PetraFan007@yahoo.com


Well, as of now, still NO new news on the rocker, unfortunately. But I have some pretty good educated guesses, that I know are worth a look. Well, they should have more time to work on the "rocker" after touring ends, in August. That it my best guess so far. See, they won't have all the tour dates in the way to get the song writing and recording finished. I can say with assurance that by September they should be ready to go full force with the recording, if they have not already started. Also, my prediction is that they won't have the "rocker" out anytime soon. They still need to find a record company; a permanent one and one that won't throw Petra in the attic the Word, might I add. Once they have that done, they should be able to get all the deals and everything ready and get the album out. I'd probably guess that the "rocker" will not be out till Spring 2001, if not later, knowing the way things are looking now. I know, as Cory said, that Petra needs to find one that will respect them for the kind of music they wanna play. I know they are gonna need a pretty good lot of time to get this whole record company deal and everything under wraps. So, here are the main points of my prediction:

So with these 3 things in mind, don't be too scared, they PROMISED a "rocker"! :)

MAY.30.2000 - STILL WAITING!!!

We are still waiting for news on what information on what record company Petra will have. Double take is playing on some radio stations around the country and singles for "Breathe In" and "The Longing" have been released. Petra's "Breathe In" is a big hit among fans at Christianrock.net, getting in the top 25 and even hitting first place a few times. But overall concert attendance is not as good as hoped. They weren't even invited to the Inside Out Soul Festival. We may try e-mailing the New Sound Concert guys and see if they will invite them. But concerts have been VERY GOOD, despite the stubborn modern world deciding not to attend. Petra rocks on still...



Mar.18.2000 - Umm...

Well, so far, no record company. Trent had to go back to Australia with his family; they can't afford to move to the United States. Petra is sort of in a crisis, they need prayers and money now. Word is going to be releasing some singles for "The Longing" and "Breathe In", which are VERY good songs (and they are the two new ones) some time next week. Thanks to the zoners at CCmusic.org, those songs are also going to played on radio stations around the country. So at least everything is not going downhill. Reviews from many different sources all have mostly positive reviews. There have been concerts planned too. Click here to check out the tour dates. All the answers you have been waiting for aside from these canned be found at Cory's site. Yes, you may not believe it, but Cory JUST (about 25 minutes ago) got off the phone with ...JOHN SCHLITT! Yes, you heard right! Click here to read the interview! Well, that's it for now. See ya...


Finally! Well, at least in our neck of the woods. It actually came out on FEB 25. So just call your Christian Book Store and ask them if they have it. Chances are, they do! I got it, and it is awesome! The thing is, it's the pre-release one, and I'm not sure if that makes any difference. But it may cost you extra to get it early.


JAN.28.2000 - More Stuff

I am now sure that so far this album will be released on March 11, 2000. I still hope this does not get pushed back any further. Bob Hartman is still currently looking for a new record company. That is as much as I know so far. Here are some things we will be looking out for the next few weeks:

This is the LATEST news you can get for Petra.

Jan.14.2000 - Happy New Years!

Happy new year, decade, century and millennium 2000 everyone! Well, 1999 was a great year for Petra! Great concerts and great news on how not only is Petra coming out with Double Take, but they are making a "Rocker" too! Well, the latest news on Double Take is that the FINAL release date is around MARCH 11-15, 2000. I really hope that does not get pushed back anymore. But it could, for one reason: Petra does not have a record company any more. They used to be with Word, and I THINK that Word will release Double Take, but after that Petra has to find a new record company. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. If it was up to me, I would recommend Petra to a company that gives Petra a lot of recognition, sort of like Star Song (HAHAHA!!!! That's a good one)! But just not as, well, obsessively :). Well, I would probably recommend a record company that has the most popular groups. My friend Billy, who for a short time merged his site with mine, e-mailed Bob Hartman and asked him what is going on with the record company thing. He replied and said he is not sure yet, he's still looking. Also, Billy happened to be searching the Web today and found a DUTCH version of Petra's Official site and THERE ARE CLIPS TO EVERY SONG ON DOUBLE TAKE 1:30 each. I have a clip to "Breathe In" here (credits: Billy S.) for download. CLICK HERE! For more information, e-mail Billy from Rock Block at BillyFS30@cs.com. And if you were wondering, Billy decided to keep his site at Rock Block and for me to keep this one. I think that is a good idea. Weird thing is, he sorta has the complete opposite views about everything! We like to compete a lot, so e-mail me if you think my site is better. I guarantee he would do this if he thought of it! :)

Dec.24.1999 - Happy Birthday to Bob Hartman!

Well, previously I had some info here about the album Double Take coming out, but I took it out because there was a typo at the site where I thought it was coming out Jan 22nd. In fact it comes out a little over a month later (Feb 29 to be exact). Well, enough about Double Take... did you know that Bob Hartman's birthday is the day after Christmas? Yeah it is! December 26, 1949 was the day he was born (found in Bob's biography at TRCO)! Now he is turning 50! Happy Birthday Bob! Make a wish and hope that the "Rocker" will be a good one when it comes out!!


Nov.27.1999 - Thanksgiving Leftovers

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! I have just finished my update on my website using java and frames. If you like it, please go to the message board and rate this page (from 1 to 5 stars) and post whatever comments or criticisms you want. :) I recently e-mailed Trent Thomason and he replied saying that Petra will not be recording the "Rocker" until June or July 2000, which is about 7-8 months away. I hope that is when they really do it. Well now you know that there is no confusion about them starting around January... I just hope the album is out Christmas 2000 the earliest, because we Petra fans are already anxious over hearing the it and it isn't even been recorded yet!


I think that Petra should be going to the recording studio some time at the beginning of 2000, I am not real sure because I don't have contact with Petra much, so I get some of my info from PRMW and TRCO. Well, I loved those TEMPORARY Concert Clips! I got a copy before they were discontinued. Looks like there will be a rock song or 2 on the upcoming Double Take! All updates will be posted here until I see some life in the message board room.........

Oct.15.1999 - Keyword CITAS

What's up, all? Well I will be using this until I see that the message board is being used (when enough people come here). Well, I just got the Captured in Time and Space CD two days ago, and MAN it rocked!! I love it! Well, my enthusiasm was so high I felt like drawing a guitar from the front cover in paint. That became a whole picture in the end, with 2 spaceship guitars, Some building and round glass ball balcony's with a glimmer around it, some spikes sticking up from the horizon from the mother ship, I presume, then there is the Petra and Captured and Time and Space words written over the red and yellow triangle. I also have space in the background with stars and I made 4 sparkly ones, too. It's nice! Download it today!! Click here! Size: 18k (citas.zip). One more thing... unfortunately DOUBLE TAKE will not be out until March 2000.

OCT.2.1999 - Trent Thomason

Hey everyone! Man, I e-mail Trent Thomason! His e-mail addy is TRENTTHOMASON@HOTMAIL.COM. Cool! Well, he reassured me that the next album, after Double Take, is gonna be a "REAL ROCKER". I think that is what the TAG LINE for the album should be! Well, as soon as you see this the Petra Means Rock message board will be up and running. I hope everyone likes it!!! Well, Trent Thomason has really relieved us long time Petra fans!!

AUG.19.1999 - PETRA RULES! :)

Petra Rules!!!

P.S. Oh and by the way I added a mail section (with Bob Hartman and John Schlitt's e-mail address!) and I made some really cool buttons for this page. I hope this Petra page just keeps growing! Well, I finally figured out how to become part of the Petra webring! If you want to see it, just click the BACK button so that you get back to the MAIN Petra Page. And at the very bottom is the Petra Webring thing, and you can go to other websites that have Petra there and check it out! I am going to check that out myself!!!

Aug.9.1999 - Double Take

I visited The Rock Cries Out and through another email letter with Bob Hartman, it looks like the album DOUBLE TAKE may be backed up all the way to January 1, 2000! Well, I hope it doesn't get backed up anymore than that. I can't wait to see how Trent plays in the next album after DOUBLE TAKE.

Aug.4.1999 - TRENT THOMASON???

I heard that someone named TRENT THOMASON will replace KEVIN. I got this from the PETRA ROCKS MY WORLD website. Well, I think the owner of that site had an interview with John one day in a Christian Book and Supply store and John told him a bunch of stuff. I just recently joined the Petra Webring and got a site ID, but I have no idea what the heck it is. If anyone can describe to me what it is, please email me at jaycavjr@aol.com or jaycavjr@hotmail.com. I heard that Trent is as good as John Lawry, the keyboardist from Beat the System '84 to Wake Up Call '93. As you may now, without John Lawry, Beat the System would sound like the rest. Man, did he do a good job. I can't wait to see what Petra's album after DOUBLE TAKE will sound like! One thing I have noticed... not ONE album sound like the next one, when it has to do with Petra. Every album sounds different, and that is what makes Petra a superb group; they can play all kinds of music. And they are all different styles of ROCK none the less. All albums are rock.

Jul.17.1999 - The Inside Out Soul Festival!

Man, was that a treat! Petra really rocked, and it was way rockier than the God Fixation album. That is probably because they were playing some older songs, including the transformed ADONAI sang by Greg back in '84. Well, other than the concert being better than what I thought (including that act of Lonnie Chapin climbing up the side of the stage and jumping off the 10 ft. speaker!), I got to meet them! I even bought this huge 1 by 2 ft. poster with a blown up picture of the album cover GOD FIXATION, and they all signed it! I even got to talk to them! I was one of the first Petra fans to find out that what the name of the new album was going to be called... Oh, and BEAT THIS, PETRA ROCK'S MY WORLD !!! :^) Petra's bass Lonnie Chapin PERSONALLY told me when the new album DOUBLE TAKE was coming out, which is October 15!!! My friend said he was going to set up a tent in front of the store and sleep out the night before the Christian Book and Supply opens and as soon as they open he would by the first one! He he. Well, I am definitely going to buy it as soon as it comes out! Well, in other news, and not so good (unless you think differently then me); Petra's second guitar and keyboard player KEVIN BRANDOW is leaving Petra this year. John Schlitt told us this during the concert. That is too bad, but at least the good part about it is that John Schlitt said Kevin said God was leading him in a different direction, and you can never argue with God, so... there you have it. I can't wait to get the new album! I will update this page if I get any more news on the new album! See ya later! -Jay

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