John Schlitt puts the work of Petra on hold for a couple years to do two solo albums. And this page was made to the dedication of the solo works of John Schlitt and his great love and commitments to his relationship with God.




We have know for a while now that John Schlitt has a new single that has come out called "I'm OK". Just a few days ago (Saturday), some of us Petheads (and even some EastHeads) were able to hear John Schlitt LIVE on the air on Soul2Soul internet radio. It included an hour long interview with John including his new song that played and a few of his older solo album songs from 1995 and 1996. Some people did not get a chance to hear it do to static or just plain outta luck do to timing. Now, thanks to someone at the zone, there is a clip of his new song (which I think should be a HIT!) "I'm OK"! Go to the audio clip section to hear it. I also added some other sound clips from his other two albums. I can't wait till this is released. We hope for it to come out soon- in less than a month.

Also, regarding the Soul2Soul radio broadcast, I know some people were disappointed because they couldn't make it (like me!) or because of the static, so there is 2 pieces of good news for you!! Thanks for the info, Sue and the rest of you guys:

  1. You can wait a month for them to put up the broadcast in their archive section, or
  2. You can write to them and they will send you a copy on tape at:

P.O. Box 2543 
Brentwood, TN 37024

This will probably take just as long because it's snail mail (maybe a little less time, who knows), but it will be worth it because you will have your very own copy of the interview--- a collectors item! But waiting for it online can be just as good because you can record it with a recording program and put it on a CD with a CD burner; it's just that it will probably not be as clear and it won't be an official copy.


It is a definite that John Schlitt, one of Christian Rock's best and most respected singers, is now coming back at age 51 with a third solo project. He is FAR from done! The album is being recorded at this very moment and it should be released in less that 2 months! Yes, your heard right! John Schlitt has been singing since the mid 70's when he played in a band called "Head East", which at the time he was not yet saved. And it's hard to believe, but John is now going into his fourth decade of ROCK 'N' ROLL music! I will keep you informed with more updates whenever I get them. 

Well, as of today, FEBRUARY 10, 2001, here is the following information we know about his upcoming record so far:

John Schlitt signed with ICON, a company that starts new artists and helps develops them into becoming popular. They also provide all the essentials needed for a band: Hats, shirts,


Interviews and Testimonies

Click here Sue D.'s interview with John Schlitt on his testimony.

Click here for the testimony John Schlitt shared at the Paradise Cafe concert.

NEW!!! Click here for the Soul2Soul Interview with John Schlitt! NEW!!!


You can download these audio clips right to your computer and listen to them with a media player such as Windows Media Player, Sonique, MusicMatch Jukebox, or WinAmp. MORE TO COME!

1995 - SHAKE - WORD / 4 STARS

John Schlitt decided that it would be a good idea to try out a solo album. He thought maybe a different approach may be the cure for the changing generation. This album was released shortly after Petra's "No Doubt" and this album sounds like some mixed work of songs from "Unseen Power" to "No Doubt", but it does have a relatively different sound. Here is the song list for this album.

1. Wake the Dead

This song rocks pretty good, but it has a slower beat to it. It's has a really nice guitar and bass and it has a real good message.

2. Don't Look Back

A really well done rock song, with another great message of how we should not look back on our old sins of the past... just keep going ahead towards God. This song has a really cool guitar in it.

3. Show me the Way

This song may remind you of some of Petra "semi-rock" songs like "I Need to Hear From You" and "Hey World". It has some acoustic and electric guitar, and it is yet another great song.

4. Inside Of You

This is a really powerfully lyric-wise ballad. Must hear, it's definitely one of his best.

5. Let it Show

This has a sound that you probably would not hear on a Petra album. It has some bells and some guitar that sounds like something from the late 60's transformed into today's style. John Schlitt goes all with his voice on this song and it rocks.

6. Carry the Burden

Really promising message with an awesome guitar. Probably the rockiest song on the album, and it just gives you the chill's. WELL DONE!

7. One by One

Pretty good song, tells about how John wishes he could save a soul one by one. Another "semi-rock song".

8. Try Understanding His Heart

Really good song, has more keyboards than anything here and there is not really any guitar except where you get to the bridge, it rocks! Listen to the background music... I love that sound!

9. The Hard Way

Yet another "semi-rock" song, slower and has a really nice sound to it.

10. Road to Calvary

If you have ever listened to "Just Reach Out" by Petra, you'd probably say it kinda sounds like it and you might think John Schlitt wrote it. Well, in fact he actually did, part of it anyway. It has a slower, acoustic sound to it and John uses a lower, older sounding voice that some may like. Has some electric guitar at the end, you could consider this a "semi-rock" song. The message to this song is basically: Don't believe that you had it worse than Jesus, he's the one that died for us and bore the sins of EVERYONE!

AND.... with all those kinds of songs, that's what makes this album really good despite it does not rock all that much. In fact, there are only 4 solid rock songs on it. The rest are upbeat or slower, but have less electric guitar and more acoustic stuff. AND it kind of reminds you of some of Whiteheart's acoustic stuff from "Inside". Overall, I would not consider it a slow rock or hard rock, but just plain ROCK.


John saw that man was good, but he was lonely, so he saw that he needed a woman to rock his world, so he made UNFIT FOR SWINE! :) Well, you know what I mean. Anyway, this album was meant to have an impact on yet another generation of people that like that new modern hard rock sound. And it went over well! If you liked Shake and you don't like the new stuff, you may not like it or you may have to get used to this sound. This album rocked almost twice as much, but there were some pretty good soft songs on here that do sound like some from "Shake". Here are the great songs that were on this album.

1. Save Me!

This song totally rocks and it make a great start to the album. Just as "Wake the Dead" was to Shake! Nice message, too.

2. God is Too Big

Nice acoustic rock start, then it gets into the lyrics and this song is fun to listen to!

3. Can't Get Away

Self Explanatory, very good rock song with nice sound.

4. We Worship You

One Word: Beautiful. I am actually thinking about bringing this into church and seeing if they can use it as a praise song at YG.

5. Need I Remind You

Very good song... rocks pretty good too.

6. Take You On

BEST ROCK SONG JOHN HAS DONE FOR A SOLO! This just rocks the others away! Satan, watch out! Notice the solo guitar by George goes at the end of his solo part, "I'm George"!

7. Helping Hand

This song is ok, the lyrics are ok too.

8. There is Someone

Sounds like "We Worship You", very powerful song.

9. I Killed A Man

This song ROCKS! Really nice job, John (and band).

10. Don't Have to Take It

Funky sounding song, John voice sounds like it on one of those kid mic distorters or something. Sounds different then the rest. But the song has a nice guitar solo at the end, and at the end of the song John goes, "Ha, ha. Indecently, I'm not over the Hill". So true... he's still rocking 2000 and going.

And this album was another GREAT one by John Schlitt. I enjoy it just as much as "Shake". It just depends on the mood I'm in to decide which one to listen to! :)

FACT: People actually thought Petra had quit because after "No Doubt", John did two solo projects BEFORE "Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus." I'm glad that wasn't true.

200X - Hope Marches On - Icon / Not yet rated

John's third solo album is soon to be released. You can listen to one of the songs on the album (I'm OK) by going to the audio clip section. I will have more info for this album soon because I don't really have much now!

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