No Doubt - 1995 - Word

Petra tries yet another style of rock: Alternative Rock. Petra usually tries to do what is most popular, which does not always fare well with hardcore fans. For the most part, Petra actually pulled this style of quite well. I like the sound of the guitar on this album and the tunes really make it one of my favorite albums.  The first song on the CD, "Enter In", has a pretty addictive guitar and tune and the lyrics are GREAT. There are some pretty good songs on this album that have some nice guitar and heavy bass like "Heart of a Hero" and "Right Place" (one of my favorite rock songs with lyrics that really get your faith moving into gear!). Also, "Think Twice", "Two are Better Than One" and "Think on these Things" are really fun to listen to. On the lighter side of things, Petra makes some of their best soft songs ever on this album, which feature "No Doubt", "For All Your Worth", and "We Hold Our Hearts Out to You". On this album there were some changes: Bob no longer does touring, David Lichens take over and Jim Cooper replaces John Lawry on keyboards.



1. Enter In

2. Think Twice!

3. Heart of a Hero

4. More Than a Thousand Words

5. No Doubt

6. Right Place

7. Two Are Better Than One

8. Sincerely Yours

9. Think on These Things

10. For All You're Worth

11. We Hold All Our Hearts Out to You



John Schlitt: Lead Vocals

Bob Hartman: Guitars (David Lichens on tour)

Jim Cooper: Keyboards

Ronny Cates: Bass

Louie Weaver: Drums


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